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AXIS M1065-LW Series Camera Audio Video Guide - Limited Support

NOTE: As we have released our faster & easier method of streaming here. The support for this streaming method currently has limited to no support . We highly encourage you to use our updated method that utilizes web cameras or mobile devices to stream.

This guide will walk you through the setup process for streaming audio/video during your live auction when using an AXIS camera. The guide is broken down into 3 parts; camera setup and network configuration, LiveAuctioneers system configuration, and testing. If you are using a different camera including a smartphone, laptop, or webcam, please visit our FAQs to find out more.

What You’ll Need

  • A selection of between 50 - 1,250 unique or interesting items you would like to sell and your AXIS webcam - AXIS M Series (For this set-up we are using the M1065-LW)
    You can find more information on this camera and links to purchase it here.

  • Updated your firmware to the latest version (https://www.axis.com/en-us/support/firmware)

  • Access to your network firewall (see Appendix A)

Section A: Camera Setup and Network Configuration

In this part, we will install the camera on the network and allow traffic from the public Internet to connect to the camera.

     Step 1: Get IP address

  • Insert the Network video products CD into your computer.  Note: The computer operating AXIS IP Utility must be on the same network as the AXIS camera.

  • Click the Install Product option

  • Click the AXIS IP Utility option

  • The AXIS IP Utility software can also be found here: http://www.axis.com/techsup/software/iputility/index.htm

  • Run from CD or if you wish you can install the utility to your computer by clicking Save to hard disk.

  • The AXIS IT Utility will launch displaying the Internal IP address of the camera as well as the serial number.  Note: If assigning the IP address fails, check that there are no firewalls/securities blocking the operation.

    Your camera’s internal IP address (usually starts with 192.168.): ___.___.___.___

    Your camera’s port number (usually 554): ______

    Step 2: Setting up the camera

  • Open Internet Browser, type in the internal IP address of your camera that was provided to you from the AXIS IP Utility software into the URL bar then click enter

  • When you first access the AXIS camera management page you will be prompted to create a password.  The user name should remain as root.

  • Username:__________ Password:______________

  • You will now be prompted to log in again to the Camera Management page

  • From the AXIS Live View page, click on the first icon located in the upper right corner. Log in with your username and pass. Note: If required, click Yes to install AMC (Axis Media Control), which allows viewing of the video stream in your internet browser.

Click on Settings located on the bottom right-hand corner. Then click onto the System tab on the far right. Under there you will find the Users option. Make sure the option to “Allow anonymous viewers” is on.
axis tool

*Note - If you are not able to see the “User” option, please follow the steps below.


  • You would need to click on “Plain config” under the System tab. Another page will pop up and you will have access to a drop-down menu. From that drop-down menu, please select “System” then click on Select group. Make sure that the option “Allow anonymous viewers” is checked off. Remember to click on save once you are done.

  • From the same drop-down menu, please select Network then click on Select group. Scroll down to “Network RTSP”. Make sure that the option “Allow anonymous viewers” is checked off. Remember to click on save once you are done.

AXIS M1065-LW: If you are using this camera you can increase your resolution to “1920 x 1080 pixels”. (Keep in mind that the higher you go there will more of a delay when you stream)

  • Under Settings click on the Stream tab. From here you can adjust the setting for your camera stream.

New UI - Settings > Stream
Audio tab – Check the Enable audio option

  • Audio Settings. Audio mode: Simplex – Network Camera microphone only; Encoding: AAC; Sample rate: 8 kHz; Bit rate; 16 kbit/s; Output gain: 0dB. Advanced: The audio input can be adjusted to increase the sensitivity of the microphone and audio. 

AXIS M1065-LW Wireless: This camera has a wireless feature so you don’t have to be connected by wire. (If you plan to use this feature, please make sure the wireless signal is strong in the area)

  • Under Settings go to the System tab and click on Wireless

  • Enter the network settings information

  • Once it’s connected, it will show you status on top

  • Now you can disconnect the wire from the camera

New UI - Settings > System

  • Connect to your firewall/router.  See Appendix A for more information
  • Add a firewall routing on port 554 to your internal IP address. This part is advanced as it varies for each type of router-some common models are explained in more detail in Appendix B.

The basic process is the same for any router.  You will need to find the port forwarding section (possibly in the advanced tab) and add a rule allowing traffic on your camera’s port number to your camera’s internal IP address.

Should your camera run through multiple routers, it is required that port forwarding rules be set on each router that the camera passes through.


Section B: LiveAuctioneers System Configuration

  • Determine your public IP address
  • Open a web browser to www.whatsismyip.com
  • Your public IP address is: ___.___.___.___ (external)
  • Log in to www.liveauctioneers.com/auctioneers/
  • Navigate to your catalog
  • One way to do this is to select your sale from the Pre Auction or Live Auction tabs found on the top of each page
  • Navigate to the Video Setup tab within the catalog
  • Enter your external IP address in the IP address field
  • Enter your port number in the Port field
  • Click Submit changes – if your camera is on, you should begin seeing the video in the preview box after a short time.


Your IP address may change by the date of the sale.  You should set this up for testing purposes well before the sale; however, be sure to check it again on the day of the sale.

The average delay speed of the video feed is 1-3 seconds

Appendix A: Connecting to your router/firewall

In order to set up the camera you will need to access the configuration of your router.  You will need the IP address of your router as well as the username and password to log in.  You should not need to touch the physical router, but the following image may help you understand what we are looking for. Single Router & Multiple Routers

To connect to your router's configuration you can simply type the IP address of the router into your web browser.  Open Internet Browser and type the default gateway of your router in the address bar. or are standard IP address for routers, but you may have something different.

How To Find Your Default Gateway


  • Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.

  • When Command Prompt is open, type the following command: ipconfig | findstr /i "Gateway" (You can copy & paste it in the command prompt; just right-click anywhere in the command prompt window and select Paste.)

  • You should see something like this:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\administrator>ipconfig | findstr /i "Gateway"

  • Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

  • In this example, your default gateway (router) IP address is

Mac OS X

  • Open the Terminal application. Do do this, click Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app.

  • When Terminal.app is open, type the following command: netstat -nr | grep default

  • This will output the following:

  • joe$ netstat -nr | grep default

  • default UGSc 50 46 en1

  • In this example, again, is your default gateway (router) IP address.

You should get to a page that asks for a username and password.  Typically the username is admin. If you or someone else has not already configured your router, your password may be admin or password.  These are typical default settings.

If you can log in, then you have completed this section.

Record for future reference.

Username: _____________        Password:  __________________ 

  • If you are having trouble finding your password:

Contact your IT professional or your internet service provider to request the login information 

  • Most routers will allow you to reset them to factory defaults.  Warning – this will reset any configuration previously setup on your router.  Instructions for this process can be found in your device documentation or may be available online.

Appendix B: Port Forwarding Examples

Standard Verizon Router/Modem

If you have any additional questions, check out our A/V FAQ.

Starting and Stoping your Video Feed

In order to start or stop video, you can go to the catalog management page and click on the VIDEOSETUP tab. On this page you will be able to start or stop your video.

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