Am I able to update my Catalog Description, Terms & Conditions etc?

You can edit the text in any lot from the All Items tab of your auction up to 2 hours before the auction begins. For any information entered in the auction setup form you would need to email to request that we make the alterations. 
Please be advised of the following restrictions to what can and cannot be changed once your auction has been published:
  • Changes to the terms and conditions (beyond fixing typos) cannot be processed once bidders have agreed to them to sign up for the auction. 
  • The Buyer’s Premium cannot be altered under any circumstances once the sale has been published. 
  • Bid increments can be edited up to two hours before the start of the sale. After this time, they cannot be altered.
  • Other information (preview period, start time, etc.) cannot be altered after the live auction has started.

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