Resolving/Removing a Dispute

To Close a Dispute - 

  1. Go to your EOA report for the auction in which the dispute was filed
  2. Locate the bidder on the report
  3. You will be able to go to the Dispute column and uncheck the box, this will give you a drop-down menu where you may choose how the dispute was settled. This will close the dispute

Bidders can also resolve a dispute directly by paying the amount owed from their Won Items page. 


  • I opened a dispute on the bidder, but now I want to remove the item from my EOA. Can I do this without removing the dispute?
    • In order to remove an item from your EOA, you will need to close the open dispute with the bidder. You cannot keep the dispute open and remove the item as well.
  • I accidentally filed a dispute on a bidder. How can I correct this and remove the dispute?
    • If you filed a dispute in error, mark the dispute as resolved on your EOA, then email to explain the error and request its complete removal.
  • Will filing a dispute refund me my commission Fees? 
    • Both filing a dispute and removing an item from your EOA will remove any related commissions owed to LiveAuctioneers which will be automatically adjusted on your invoice at the next billing cycle.
  • When can I file a dispute? 
    • A dispute can be placed between 5-45 days from the date of sale.  
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