How to File a Dispute on a Non-Paying Bidder

LiveAuctioneers works hard to ensure our non-paying bidder rates are the lowest in the industry.
We have introduced the Credit Card Validator, a way to authenticate bidders through credit card verification. Read more about the Credit Card Validator
You may also continue to search the Disputes Database (in your "Bidders" tab), consult the LiveAuctioneers forums, or ask the LiveAuctioneers Support team for help (email: 
In the rare event a bidder refuses to complete the transaction, you can file a dispute against the bidder and contact the leading LiveAuctioneers underbidder on the lot. 

Filing a Dispute

When you file a dispute against a bidder, you are creating a permanent mark on their account and notifying other sellers of the non-payment. If a bidder receives two disputes, their account will be suspended and buying at auction forbidden until the disputes are resolved.
You must wait 5 days after the auction to file a dispute.
To file a dispute, go to Post Auction > Select Catalog Title > EOA.
Find the bidder on the EOA list and select the Dispute box next to their name.
A drop-down box will appear asking you for the reason behind filing this dispute:

A notification will be sent to the bidder, as well as three consecutive emails at weekly intervals from LiveAuctioneers warning of the consequences of non-payment.
This action will also remove any commission owed to LiveAuctioneers and automatically adjust on your invoice.
If payment is never received, please leave the dispute filed against their name.
If you receive payment from the bidder, please uncheck the Dispute box on the EOA and select the reason for retracting the dispute from the drop-down menu. Then tick the Paid box.

Contacting the Underbidder

If you think non-payment is likely on an item in your sale, you can contact the leading LiveAuctioneers Underbidder.
To contact the Underbidder, go to Post Auction > Select Catalog Title > All Items.
Find the lot number and click on the title.
Scroll down to the Bid History section and look for the leading Underbidder. You will see a Message Bidder button allowing you to contact the bidder directly. 


If a bidder receives two or more disputes on their account, they will be suspended and lose their ability to participate in any online live auctions through
Once a bidder has been suspended:
1. Status is immediately changed to “Suspended” for all auctions in which the bidder is registered
2. Bidder is notified via e-mail and in the ‘My Profile’ section of their account
3. All pending absentee bids will remain unsent and in pending status until all disputes have been resolved
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