Messaging Bidders

LiveAuctioneers is not directly involved in the transaction between bidders and auction houses. We encourage bidders to communicate directly with Auction Houses through our Messaging system provided on our platform. 

Common questions / requests you might receive from bidders: 

  • Approval inquiries
  • Condition Reports
  • How to bid in the live auction 
  • Retracting a bid
  • Shipping inquires  

If you are unable to answer a bidder inquiry yourself, it is best to direct them to our Bidder Support team at

Messages from bidders will appear in your Messages tab located on your seller dashboard -



You will also receive a notification to your business email address with a link to the Messaging Inbox each time you receive a new message from a bidder.

Our Messaging System allows you to: 

  • Create Folders for different types of requests
  • Search for keywords or messages from certain bidders
  • Select multiple messages to archive, mark as read, or move to a folder

Each message will include the bidder's username and a link to their profile (if already registered for your sale). It will also include a thumbnail image of the lot that they are inquiring about with a link to that catalog. 

Sending Multiple Messages to Bidders: 

  • Pending Bidders: you can select multiple bidders from your Bidder Approval page to send a Message
  • Registered Bidders: If you would like to send an email to all registered bidders in your sale - you can create an Announcement from your Marketing Tab. See How to Create an Announcement for more info. 

Contacting the Underbidder: 

  • In most cases you can contact an underbidder directly from the Bid History section on a lot. 
  • Go to the lot details and scroll down to the Bid History section and click the Message Bidder link
  • If you do not see a link to Message Bidder, contact and we will reach out to the underbidder for you.
  • **Please note: we cannot give out underbidder information directly to any Auction House, for Bidder Privacy reasons. 

Rules for Messaging on LiveAuctioneers: 

  • Messages must not contain links or language that suggests a bidder place their bid directly with the Auction House or through any other platform outside of LiveAuctioneers. 
  • Engaging in advertising, marketing, or self-promotion is not allowed
  • Please do not share links or other connections to live chat systems. 
  • A message can only have a total of 5 attachments (the max file-size for attachments is 1GB)

Please remember to be courteous, reply promptly, and keep in mind that some inquires will come from international bidders in different time zones, and sometimes in different languages. 

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