Credit Card Validator FAQ

LiveAuctioneers introduces ‘Credit Card Validator’: a way to authenticate bidders through credit card validation.  We understand how much effort goes into approving bidders and we’re pleased to offer a solution that will remove the guessing game of bidder legitimacy.

Hundreds of bidders have already put Credit Card Validator to use.

With LiveAuctioneers ‘Card on File’, you’ll benefit from:

  • A more authentic bidder base:  Bidder’s placing a ‘card on file’ are doing so platform wide and one time.Better pre-auction verification: We will let you know which bidders have a valid card on file and, at your option, allow global approvals of verified bidders so you will have more activity on your lots.

  • Faster Checkout: We’ve noted that over 50% of invoices are paid within 24 hours if the catalog is opted into Payments. Bidders’ with a card on file, can complete checkout in two taps.

How to use it:

Step 1: Select bidders to message

  • Select bidders to message
  • Copy and paste the ‘’ link into your message
  • Look out for the credit card symbol next to their name indicating completion

Step 2: Insert ‘’ link into your message

Step 3: Look out for the credit card symbol next to the "card on file" field indicating completion. Once they’ve completed the form, you’ll see the credit card icon on the bidder management page. We’ve also added a filter for this to Global Approval: simply check the ‘Card on File’ section.

Sample Message:

Dear Bidder,

We’re asking that all bidder’s put a card on file prior to approval...can you please visit the following link and let us know when you’ve added a card to your profile?



Is it mandatory for bidders?

It’s completely optional for the bidder to complete.

Is the card auto-charged if the bidder wins the item?

If your sale has Autopay enabled, bidders will be auto-charged 72 hours after their invoices have been sent. If your sale does not have autopay enabled, invoices will NOT be charged even with a ‘Card on File’ and bidders must still complete the checkout process.


Can the auctioneer charge the card?

No, neither LiveAuctioneers or the house can charge the card. Accessing the payment credentials happens through a secure connection and can only be triggered by the bidder themselves.

Is there a fee to validate a card for houses? 

It’s completely free for your use!


Is there a fee for bidders to validate their card?

No there is not a fee. A 50 cent authorization is placed on the bidder’s card.


Is it secure?

Yes, we’re meeting the most stringent levels of compliance. The cards never touch our servers, are encrypted, and are never shared with the auctioneer.


Does it work for international bidders?



Can Auctioneers use ‘Card on File’ without using Live.Payments?

Sure! Card on File is more so for bidder approval.


If a bidder adds a card, how can auctioneers check?

Houses will be able to view a small credit card icon next to the "card on file" field and the word YES.


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