Exporting a Catalog File from RFC

Exporting a Catalog Text File from RFC

If you use the auction software RFC for your cataloging purposes, you will find instructions below on how to export your catalog into an excel file and edit it to be uploaded into LiveAuctioneers.

First, open your RFC program and navigate to the Catalog menu.

From this menu, choose the ‘Output Catalog’ option and from the Auction Catalog picker select your auction title.

This screen will allow you to choose the basic options to export such a Lot Range, etc.  Note: You will want to ensure the box “Strip Out Text Codes” is checked.  

When your options are chosen, click Export to be taken to the Export Picker.


In the Export Picker, you can select all columns ‘⨠’ or specific columns to carry over to your exported file.

LiveAuctioneers requires at least  the following columns:

CONDITION (if applicable to your sale)


Again, please be sure you check the Strip all codes box located under the Columns Selected box on the left before exporting your file.

Column Identification
Below are the required columns and how to convert them to an excel file for LiveAuctioneers.

Once you have edited your file it should look like this:

You will want to check your catalog to ensure that all descriptions are correct and ready for uploading.

Save it as an excel file and you are ready to move along to the Catalog Upload guide here or if you would like assistance, you can email your catalog to support@liveauctioneers.com and our Support Team will be happy to help with your upload!
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