Adding Buy Now & Make An Offer To Your Auctions

We're currently offering a Buy Now / Make An Offer feature that allows auctioneers to list items for purchase after an auction ends. Over time, we will offer auctioneers more control over their Buy Now listings.

Auctioneers can opt-into our Buy Now / Make An Offer feature by contacting

How It Works:

After your next auction ends, we'll automatically convert your passed lots to Buy Now / Make Offer listings for up to 14 days. We'll list your items at either:

  • Buy Now Price (if defined in auction setup)
  • Reserve Price (if defined in auction setup)
  • Low Estimate

You'll receive offers from buyers in your LiveAuctioneers inbox. You should coordinate with buyers directly and respond within 24 hours.

There are no fees for participating, and we welcome all feedback so we can improve.


Setting Buy Now Prices In Auction Setup:

If you enabled the Buy Now feature, you can set Buy Now prices and whether items are eligible for Buy Now. Our CSV upload supports two columns:

  1. Buy Now Price: the price at which your item will be listed after the auction if passed or unsold. If this field is left empty or 0, Buy Now price will be set at the reserve or low estimate.
  2. Exclude From Buy Now:  0 = (default) item eligible for Buy Now. 1 = item not eligible for Buy Now.

If you would like to change the duration at which items are listed for Buy Now (default 14 days), contact

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