Exporting Catalog Text and Images from Auction Flex

Exporting Catalog Text and Images from Auction Flex

If you use the auction software Auction Flex for your cataloging purposes, you will find instructions below on how to export your catalog into an excel file and export both that and your images for uploading to LiveAuctioneers.

Open your Auction Flex program and navigate to the catalog that you wish to export and upload to LiveAuctioneers.

On your “Lots and Preview” page, choose the Export option on the left side menu as shown below.


On the Export Auction screen, choose the following:

Field Order

  • Lot#

  • Lead

  • Description - Extended Description

  • Est. Min

  • Est Max

  • Start Bid (if you have entered one into your catalog)

Image Options

  • Export - All Images 1_1, 1_2, 1_3

  • Image File Name as Lot#

  • Image Quality - Catalog Images

  • Image Column Info - Image Name Only


Choose your File Type - Comma Delimited Text File CSV

Before you export, you will need to choose your destination for your catalog and images by unchecking the default box and choosing the folder you wish to download your information into.

Once all the information has been exported, it will be housed in the folder noted in the destination field when you are exporting your auction. As a default, you can find the Auction Flex folder in your Documents.

You are now ready to move along to the Catalog Upload guide here or if you would like assistance, you can email your catalog to support@liveauctioneers.com and our Support Team will be happy to help with your upload!

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