Featured Lots

Get found in search using Featured Lots which appear at the top category pages during the week leading up to your auction date.

Auction house partners who use Featured Lots see up to 30% more bids and 35% higher hammer prices because of the increased exposure.
How do LiveAuctioneers' Featured Lots work?
Bidders will be able to discover your items faster while browsing their preferred categories on LiveAuctioneers. When a bidder's search matches your auction's targeted category, our pages will show your Featured Lots on a premium position of the search results.  Reporting for your Featured Lots are accessed from the Marketing tab in your auctioneer dashboard. 
How to Set up Featured Lots
Before you publish your catalog, you will have the option of featuring 3 of the most exceptional lots that represent your auction catalog. These are the lots that buyers will see first when actively browsing targeted categories on LiveAuctioneers.
Once you complete this process, you'll be able to make an online payment and be ready to go. We'll automatically show your Featured Lots a week before your auction event.

You can also upgrade your Feature Items, which will promote your chosen 5 or 20 lots, for the 7 days leading up to your sale. This is an additional $325 for 5 items or $935 for 20 lots and is only available when choosing your cover lots. 

These lots will run in the search and category pages as Featured Lots for the 7 days leading up to your sale date

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