Last-Minute Live Auction Checks

Last-Minute Checks     
Get ready for auction day with these last-minute checks!

  1. Are the date and time set correctly? 

If either is incorrect, contact the Support team at or call the emergency line if it is within 2 hours of the sale.

  1. If the sale is live with an audience, make sure it isn’t set to the Timed console.

You can check by going to the Details tab of your sale and finding the Live Timed Auction (automated console) setting. 
    *Call the emergency line to make amendments if it is within 2 hours of the sale*

  1. Make your clerk’s life easier by confirming the Bid Increments are set correctly.

You can check by going to the Details tab of your sale and finding the Bid Increments button.

  1. Set-up your invoicing in advance by adding sales tax and linking your business PayPal account.

You can do this under the Invoice tab found from your main seller dashboard. If you’d like to receive payments from bidders via PayPal, send us your PayPal email address to and we will enable this feature for your account. Make sure you set up IPN, so PayPal can inform you when a payment has been made.

  1. Make sure all queries have been answered in the Inbox. 

See here for tips for Communicating with Bidders

  1. And finally, check for pending bidders! 

Bidders can continue to register for live Internet bidding throughout the sale. See here for tips on Approving Bidders.
Be prepared for what has become typical: a last-minute, but potentially important, wave of registrations, especially when the weather decides to change for the worse and people want to stay at home and bid!
Get ready for these common questions asked by bidders before a sale:

  1. How can I retract a bid? Tell the bidders to contact LiveAuctioneers on or direct them to the My Bids section of their bidder’s dashboard. Bidders can find their dashboard by clicking on their name found at the top right of the LiveAuctioneers website. Absentee bids cannot be retracted if the sale is within 2 hours. If the sale is about to start, you will have to Decline their registration until after the lot with their absentee bid has passed. 
  1. Approval inquiries. Bidders may contact you to ask if they can be approved. They cannot bid unless they are approved. You can check for Pending bidders by going to Live Auction > Bidders > Pending. 

Keep in mind if the bidder is not pending they may be within the other sections (Approved, Declined, or Suspended)

  1. How to bid online? Direct the bidder to the FAQ section on their bidder’s dashboard or ask them to contact LiveAuctioneers on

Good luck! And remember, we are always on hand if there is an emergency. Call the 24/7 emergency line if there is a problem with your sale.
1 888 600 BIDS 
Outside USA: +001 646 429 1992 
Press 2 for Auctioneer Options, Press 6 for Emergency

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