Become Top Rated

Earn Top Rated status by offering your bidders an exceptional auction experience. You must excel in providing accurate item descriptions, friendly & responsive customer service, easy payment, and fast shipping.

Top Rated status helps outstanding auctioneers attract new bidders, earn the loyalty of existing bidders, and enjoy additional visibility on the LiveAuctioneers platform.

How to Earn Top Rated Status
To earn and maintain Top Rated status, you must have:

  1. At least 25 reviews
  2. 4.5 or higher Overall Experience rating OR rank Top 20% in Accuracy, Responsiveness, Payment, and Shipping
  3. Listings that conform to LiveAuctioneers’ Listing Policies

Benefits for Top Rated Auctioneers
As a Top Rated auctioneer, you'll receive:

  • A badge on your LiveAuctioneers profile
  • More visibility in search results
  • Star ratings next to your LiveAuctioneers profile on Google search results

When bidders have a great experience buying in your auction, it not only creates stronger bidder loyalty that translates directly to increased sales, it makes running your business easier. For tips on creating a great buying experience for bidders, review these best practices.

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