Auction Details Guidelines & Best Practices

Auction Details Guidelines


  • Selecting the type of auction you want to have on LiveAuctioneers: traditional, online-only or timed auction

  • Providing the basic details of the auction: auction title, auction description, category of your items.

Not Allowed

  • Providing any URLs or content pointing buyers to purchase items on other sites outside of LiveAuctioneers’ platform

Auction Details Best Practices

  • Provide at least 2 - 3 sentences that describe the nature of your auction event and inventory.

  • Include information about any relevant information such as highlights, collections and premier events.

  • Identify your auction curators to gain more trust and expertise amongst potential bidders.

  • Share your payment preferences clearly to help you get paid quickly.

  • Make the auction description easy to scan in order to capture bidders’ attention and help them find the information they need.

    • Make sure your descriptions are scannable by including bullet points and/ or short paragraphs.

    • Avoid using capital letters and special characters.

  • Choose three of your most exceptional lots and set them up as featured cover lots to capture bidders’ attention.

Optimize your catalog for search engines to drive more traffic and reach more bidders. Remember to think like a bidder and ask yourself what words people are likely to use when looking for your kind of items.

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