Bidder Guidelines & Tips

Bidder Communication - 

Please remember to be courteous, reply promptly, and keep in mind that some inquires will come from international bidders in different time zones, and sometimes in different languages. 


  • Communicating with bidders regarding conditions reports, shipping queries, approval inquiries, bid retractions, etc.
  • Sending multiple emails asking for further information to vet a bidder before approval. 
  • Sending announcements to multiple registered bidders.
  • Directing bidders to our Bidder Support team if the bidder has inquiries related to bidding on our site.  

Not Allowed: 

  • Including links, URLs, or language suggesting bidders place their bids directly with the auction house or through another platform. 
  • Sharing links or other connections to live chat systems.
  • Engaging in advertising, marketing, or self-promotion. 

Bidder Approval Guidelines - 


Looking for more tips check out our Tips for Managing and Approving Bidders article.

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