Item Photo Guidelines & Best Practices

Item Photo Guidelines


  • Using an image that is a maximum of 1100 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size enables shoppers to use the Zoom feature. The file size must not exceed 1.5MB (megabytes) or be smaller than 15kb (kilobyte).

  • Including up to 20 high-quality images per lot.

Not Allowed

  • Including Images containing any URLs, email addresses, contact information or watermarks of any kind

  • Using stock images.

Item Photo Best Practices

  • Great photos are just as important as item descriptions so make sure 3 - 5 high-quality images. This would help your item look attractive on small and big screens.

  • Provide photos of the item from all angles: front, back, sides, including any signs of wear.

  • Keep it simple. Use a plain, uncluttered background to in order to make your item stand out.

  • Include some detailed close-up shots, making sure to display any details or blemishes to provide further details about the item condition.

  • Show the scale of the item for visual reference.

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