Updating & Deleting Reviews From Bidders

Can I remove a negative review?
LiveAuctioneers will remove a review only if:
  • The bidder is violating our Terms and Conditions
  • The review relates to an issue that was caused by LiveAuctioneers
  • The review relates to a purchase from another seller
  • The review is unjustified based on clear documentation provided by the seller
  • The review relates to a COVID-19 disruption, such as auction house staff availability or shipping time
LiveAuctioneers will partially remove or adjust reviews only if it:
  • Contains inappropriate language or personal information. LiveAuctioneers will remove offending language and personal information
  • Relates to circumstances outside of the seller’s control (i.e. natural disasters)
  • Is requested from the bidder via email (bidder feedback revision requests)


  • Negative reviews are an opportunity to showcase your customer service and drive more sales. Research proves that negative reviews establish credibility and authenticity. Respond to reviews to ensure you "have the last word."
  • Our custom ratings calculation model will make your negative reviews matter less over time.
  • If you don’t have many reviews yet, our custom ratings calculation model will prevent a few negative reviews from having a disproportionate impact on your rating.

Can bidders edit reviews?
A bidder can make a feedback revision request via email to our Support team.

When a bidder makes a feedback revision request, the request must be sent from the same email address the feedback was recorded under. It must explicitly state what is to be edited.

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