Ratings & Reviews FAQs

How is my rating calculated?

We calculate your overall star rating based on ratings given, the number of reviews, age of reviews, and only accept reviews from winning bidders in your auction. Recent reviews (within last 90 days) have more impact on your rating than older reviews.

I only have 5-star reviews. Why isn't my rating 5 stars?

Your rating is a weighted average, not an arithmetic average. This means that all auctioneers start at an average rating that changes based on the number of reviews and age of reviews. This approach protects you from one negative review having a disproportionate impact on your rating, as well as rewards sellers who have consistently earned good ratings over a long period of time.

How do I earn a Top Rated badge?

Read Become Top Rated to learn about earning a badge for your seller profile.

Who can leave a review?

Only bidders who win in your auction may leave a review. Auction houses may not purchase items in their auctions for the purpose of leaving reviews. Reviews left by auction house owners or employees for their auction house will be removed. 

Are ratings & reviews public? I want to display them publicly.

Effective Oct 15, 2019, ratings & reviews for all auction-house partners will be public on their profile pages. Based on the extensive testing performed in advance of this release, auction-house partners see an average increase of 39% in sales when buyer’s feedback is publicly enabled.

Can I remove a negative review?

See Editing Reviews From Bidders to learn about our policy for editing and removing reviews.

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