Leading Bid Value (LBV)

Leading Bid Value allows sellers to track the amount of revenue they could earn from their upcoming catalog. 

The value is the total of the current bids on all lots in the catalog and updates every time the page is refreshed or loaded.

In this image, the bid value is the total maximum bid value of every absentee bid on every lot added together. The Leading Bid Value is the total current bid amount for the lots.

So, for example, say there are 2 bids on the same lot, $500 and $10,000. The Bid Value would read $10,500, but the Leading Bid Value would only be $550 (assuming $50 increments at this value) as that's the current competitive bid on the lot. The Bid Value will almost always be much higher than the Leading Bid Value. This indicates that your lots have multiple bids on them, or that bids on the lot are higher than the start price.

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