Using the Auctioneer Console

First, make sure you are logged-in to the auctioneer portal.
Next, go to the LiveConsole tab located on the catalog details page.

Click the red AUCTIONEER button, located underneath CLERK. This will launch the auctioneer console.

NOTE: This is only available 24hr before the start time of the sale.

The LiveConsole for Auctioneers is a helpful visual tool for the auctioneers to use on auction day. The console will display:

  • The likelihood percentage a bid will come from a LiveAuctioneers bidder.
  • If a bid was missed after the lot was closed (i.e last minute bids after the hammer).
  • If the clerk has a current bid and at what price.

Since the Auctioneers Console is directly linked to the Clerk Console, all lots displayed will be according to the lot being offered via the Clerk Console.

Example: Current Bid

Below shows the current lot has a bid of $500 coming in from a LiveAuctioneers bidder. This shows that a bid is from the LiveAuctioneers bidder, but has not been accepted as of yet. 

Example: Unlikely

This appears if a new live bid is unlikely to come in:

The percentage is calculated by several different factors, including the number of bidders hovering chance.

Example: Missed Bid on Previous Lot

This appears if a bid came in seconds before the sold button was clicked by the clerk. The missed bid message will show briefly while the next lot is live.

If there are any questions about this feature, please feel free to reach out to

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