Changes to Your Clerking Process due to Google’s release

Google Chrome Update

Google is expected to release an update to their Chrome interface that will disable Adobe Flash at the end of July. 

This update will not affect our bidder experience, but it will require require some updates to your clerking process. 

Instructions to help you re-enable Flash in Chrome can be found here. Additionally, our engineering team is currently testing a new clerk console that runs without Adobe Flash. 

At this time, there will be no changes to the clerking experience and you can continue to clerk auctions as usual. Stay tuned for more announcements to come in the next two weeks. Here is a helpful article regarding Google's update. 

Example of the error you may see after the Chrome update when attempting to load the Flash clerk console:

Beta testing

We are currently testing our Flash-less console. The user experience is the same, but the backend has been updated. If you would like to be part of our beta testing please email us at 

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