How to Enable Flash in Chrome 76 Browser

Chrome disabled Flash Player by default in the Chrome 76 release; however, users may re-enable it until support is fully removed in December 2020.  

This update will not affect our bidder experience, but it will require some updates to your clerking process. 

Below are instructions to help you re-enable Flash in Chrome and grant LiveAuctioneers permission to run flash in Chrome if that’s your preferred browser for clerking. Additionally, our engineering team is currently testing a new clerk console that runs without Adobe Flash. 

Example of the error you may see after the Chrome update when attempting to load the Flash clerk console:


  1. Load your clerk console by pressing the Clerk button on the LiveConsole page. The browser will open with the puzzle piece icon that says "Adobe Flash Player is blocked"
  2. On the tab that opens, press the puzzle icon that appears in the right side of the URL field. The following popup will appear: 
  3. Select "Manage". Your Chrome Settings will load in a new tab: 
  4. Press the toggle button next to "Block sites from running Flash (recommended)". The message will change to "Ask first", as you see in this screenshot: 
  5. Return to the Clerk Sale console tab you already opened. Press the puzzle piece in the URL field. Press "Run Flash this time": 
  6. Reload the browser. 
  7. If this still does not work and you can't see the console, press the puzzle piece icon in the middle of the browser window.
  8. A browser popup should appear at the top of the screen. Press "Allow":
  9. Clerk console should load. 
  10. Your console may load with a warning at the top. Press 'X' to close: 

Beta testing

We are currently testing our Flash-less console. The user experience is the same, but the backend has been updated. If you would like to be part of our beta testing please email us at

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