Viewing the Auction Transcript

The auction transcript is a detailed report/history that outlines the activity between the clerking console and online bidders.

You can locate the transcript:

  1. Login to your seller account
  2. Click Post Auction 
  3. Go to the desired sale date
  4. Click on the Transcript tab

  5. The transcript will be listed in UTC time. UTC is 4 hours ahead of Eastern Time
  6. Use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[F] > type in the lot number(4 digit number 0001) to search for an item faster.
  7. The transcript is a full report from our auction servers. Here are some uncommon terms that you may see while reviewing the transcript:
  • CSM - clerk sends message
  • CONL - clerk opened next lot
  • Auction opened/loaded in DB - Auction has been moved to the live auction server. This typically occurs 15-30 min before the start of the auction
  • Bid Dropped - Bid is placed by an internet bidder but another bid was taken prior to the bidder
  • Absentee - Bid was placed/won by an absentee bidder
  • Internet/DesktopWeb - Bid was placed/won by a bidder on a non-mobile device
  • Android/iPhone/MobileWeb - Bid was placed/won by a bidder on a mobile device/app.
  • Handling bid... - Server message
  • Bidder # - name given to any internet bidder that places a bid. NOTE: these numbers are not representative of the paddle number and vary from sale to sale and are assigned at random.
  • CXAV - Clerk stopped A/V Feed
  • yellow|rs - yellow rounded square described the visual representation of the message box
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