Staff PINs

To improve the safety and security of your LiveAuctioneers seller account, we have made updates to how your staff permissions and passwords are managed. 

PIN-based login functionality for staff member accounts has been disabled and all users will be required to log-in with a username and password.

If you are a system administrator, you can initiate password reset emails for your active staff member accounts by following these steps:

A) View All Staff Members

  • Log into your seller dashboard
  • Go to Billing & Account > Staff > View List of Staff Members

B) Staff Login

  • > Auctioneer Sign in
  • Login with the Staff username (located in step 'A' or within password reset email in step 'C')
  • Enter staff password (step 'C') to login. (note: it is no longer required to use/share the main account password with staff members)
  • Enter Staff PIN

C) Reset Passwords for Active Staff Accounts

  • For active staff accounts, reset passwords by clicking Details > Reset Password
  • A password reset email will be sent to the respective staff member
  • Encourage your staff to create a secure password as soon as possible

D) Delete Inactive Staff Accounts

  • For inactive staff accounts, delete by clicking Details > Delete

Alternatively, your staff can reset their password at:

If you experience any issues and/or have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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