Advertising & Marketing Guidelines

LiveAuctioneers offers auction houses various advertising options to promote items and/or their businesses. Our marketing services connect buyers to a variety of auctions, and are intended to help auction houses and bidders alike.

There are certain types of content that are not permitted in our marketing services. Any content that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive or in violation of our listing policies, seller policies, or our terms and conditions will not be permitted.

Examples of prohibited content includes:

Nudity and Erotica
Images featuring graphic erogenous zones, child nudity/pornography, real or fictionalized depictions of an obscene nature - bestiality, necrophilia, rape, scat, incest, etc. are forbidden. 

Note: Any item that depicts a person of any age naked or otherwise exposed in a sexually explicit manner is strictly prohibited for public sale on our site. Nude child/adolescent content from artists such as David Hamilton, Jock Sturges, Bill Henson, Sally Mann, or similar) are prohibited.

The sale of certain destructive devices including but not limited to assault-style weapons, automatic weapons, new weapons, high-capacity magazines, potato guns, bazookas, cannons or launchers, bombs, atom or nuclear weapons, explosives, grenades, incendiary, land mines, missiles, rockets or launchers, nerve or poison gas, or hazardous material of any kind is prohibited on the LiveAuctioneers platform. 

Furthermore, the sale of firearms through the LiveAuctioneers platform is severely restricted by federal and state laws. If state and federal law deem the sale of a firearm allowable, the item's listing must be accompanied by an FFL license. Please see the following website for further information about obtaining an FFL license:

Offensive Material 
Restrictions: Items that glorify or otherwise capitalize on human tragedy with no regard or sensitivity to the suffering caused by such events are strictly prohibited. Items that promote or commemorate non-governmental hate groups (i.e. KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, Neo-Nazi groups, etc.), items merchandising an act of violence against an individual (human or animal), items marketing intolerance toward religion, sexual orientation, race, or ethnic background are also not tolerated and will be flagged for removal. 

Descriptions of authentic/period artifacts that belonged to members of hate groups or are emblazoned with those groups’ insignias or are artifacts of historical atrocities may not glorify those groups or events, or any intolerant views of those groups. Titles and descriptions may not use racial slurs. 

Reproductions of authentic/period artifacts from historical atrocities or that belonged to members of hate groups or that are emblazoned with those groups' insignias, are prohibited. 

Note: We understand certain items in question may feature social, artistic, historical, or political value. If you feel that your item(s) fall outside of the above restriction please contact the Support team prior to listing for approval. For faster approval, ensure the item description addresses its social, artistic, historical, or political value.

For a complete and up-to-date list of prohibited content, visit LiveAuctioneers Listing Policies.

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