Auction Performance and Ad Campaign Reporting

LiveAuctioneers’ analytics engine and reporting suite offer easy-to-access, intelligent reports that drive better, smarter decisions for your business. Track detailed auction performance over time, measure direct results from your advertising campaigns, and report on the crucial underbid activity that contributes to your bottom line.

The following reports are available to all auction house partners from the auctioneer dashboard:

Advertising Campaign Reports

Measuring your advertising investment has never been easier.  Located on the Marketing tab, our advertising campaign reports allow you to quickly report on the reach, auction registrations, bids, sales and lift in hammer driven by each advertising campaign, and gain clarity on the results of your marketing investment. 

Click into each campaign to see your campaign’s detailed stats (impressions/emails delivered, opens, clicks) and direct conversions (registrations, follows, bids, winners, sales, lift in hammer). 

LiveAuctioneers’ reports show you the bidding and sales impact of your advertising campaigns. Depending on the type of advertising you employ, you will see some of the following stats.

Metrics Overview

Engagement Metric Description
Delivered The count of emails delivered to LiveAuctioneers bidders. Excludes bounced emails.
Unique Opens The number of unique bidders who opened your email.
Open Rate Number of unique opens divided by number of emails delivered.
Total Impressions  Number of views of your ad or email.
Unique Impressions Number of unique bidders who viewed your ad or email.
Total Clicks Number of clicks on links in your ad or email.
Unique Clicks Number of unique bidders who clicked a link in your email.
Pageviews Count of pageviews on your items and catalogs from bidders who click on your ad or links in your email.

Conversion Metric Description
Registrations Count of bidders who opened your email or clicked your ad then requested auction registration.
New Followers Count of bidders who followed you after opening your email or clicking your ad.
Bids Total number of absentee bids, regardless if they were accepted or not, and live bids from bidders who opened your email or clicked your ad.
Winning Bidders Unique winners
Sales Driven Total hammer price of items sold, excluding any disputed items, by bidders who opened your email or clicked your ad.
Lift in Hammer Total lift in hammer price driven by winning bidders and underbidders opened your email or clicked your ad, regardless if the items sold on LiveAuctioneers or not.

Post-sale Summary Reports 

Located on the Performance tab, these reports allow you to easily view registrations, bids, sales and lift in hammer driven by bidders on LiveAuctioneers. This data is especially helpful for defining strategies and future auction planning, e.g. post-auction analysis, identifying historical trends and measuring underbid value gained through LiveAuctioneers.

Upcoming Auction Reports

Located on the Home tab, these reports are helpful for pre-sale monitoring and ensuring your auction is on track for successful results. View your advertising campaigns, pageviews, registrations, absentee bids, item saves and leading bid values leading up to your sale date.

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