Live.Payments: What is it?

Live.Payments by LiveAuctioneers -  the fastest way to collect funds.

LiveAuctioneers will collect transactional funds on your behalf and directly deposit it into your bank account. Customize your deposit cadence to your schedule with the ability to request disbursements multiple times a week with 3-day disbursements, or enable next day transfers for even faster payout.

A processing fee applies to invoices paid through Live.Payments. This is a fee that can either be passed along to your bidder or you (the auction house) can choose to absorb that processing fee.

If you'd like to learn more about this program, you can also directly reach out to your Account Manager or email our Support Team at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use Live.Payments? 

  • Collect invoices faster with online checkout that supports credit cards and bank transfers.  Auction houses using Live.Payments typically see a 75% payment rate within 24 hours of invoicing.
  • Guarantee your payments. All domestic and international credit card transactions are covered with 100% fraudulent chargeback protection.
  • Disburse funds quickly. Disbursements are made multiple times a week, with an option for Next Day Transfers when you’re in a hurry.
  • Appeal to a growing audience of young buyers, who seek faster and easier checkout. 
  • Reduce disputes. Houses on Live.Payments see 21% lower dispute rates, with an even further reduction of disputes by 40% when automatically collecting payments using Autopay.
  • Offer payment flexibility to buyers. You get paid in full upfront while bidders enjoy the ability to buy now, pay later through Zip (formerly Quadpay).
  • Enjoy tax compliance with free, automated sales tax calculation, collection and remittance services.
  • Rely on our payment services and fraud prevention teams to mitigate fraud, fight disputes, and protect your payments.
  • Save on overhead by automatically collecting unpaid invoices using Autopay.
  • Simple enrollment: Apply for Live.Payments today by filling out and submitting an application form on your LiveAuctioneers seller dashboard. Receive approval in as quickly as 3 business days and activate Live.Payments in your next auction, no prerequisites needed.

What currencies are accepted? 

Hundreds of currencies can be processed from anywhere in the world.

What payment methods can bidders use? 

Almost every kind of credit and debit card is accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Live.Payments also supports Bank Transfers (ACH transactions) and Zip (previously QuadPay) for even more payment flexibility.

What is the processing fee? 

For credit card payments, Live.Payments charges a competitive rate that is a flat fee regardless of card type (Amex, Visa, etc.) or origin (the U.K., Canada, etc). Bank Transfers (ACH transactions) are subject to a lower processing fee, and allow you to offer your bidders a lower cost payment method. Reach out to your Account Manager to inquire about pricing and current promotional offers.

When are funds disbursed to auction house partners? 

Funds are disbursed according to your schedule, with the ability to request a disbursement multiple times a week and as soon as the following day. Please note that your first disbursement can take up to five business days to be released, but all subsequent disbursements will conform to your payout schedule.

Normal Transfers
Payments Collected Before Payout Processed Received by Seller Bank
Monday 9pm EST Tuesday 9pm EST Thursday 10:30am EST
Tuesday 9pm EST Tuesday 9pm EST Thursday 10:30am EST
Wednesday 9pm EST Friday 9pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST
Thursday 9pm EST Friday 9pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST
Friday 9pm EST Friday 9pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST

Next Day Transfers

Payments Collected Before Payout Processed Received by Seller Bank
Monday 9pm EST Monday 9pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST
Tuesday 9pm EST Tuesday 9pm EST Wednesday 10:30am EST
Wednesday 9pm EST Wednesday 9pm EST Thursday 10:30am EST
Thursday 9pm EST Thursday 9pm EST Friday 10:30am EST
Friday 9pm EST Friday 9pm EST Monday 10:30am EST

What is the maximum dollar value that can be transacted? 

There is no limit to the dollar amount that can be transacted. 

How are refunds to bidders handled? 

If there is a cancellation, simply note it in your EOA and please email our finance team ( to alert them of the cancellation or refund. Funds will be redistributed to the bidder at no cost. If funds have already been distributed to the seller, LiveAuctioneers may request a transfer from the auction house partner. 

How do I get fraud protection?

Live.Payments provides 100% chargeback coverage on fraudulent credit card transactions. For non-fraudulent payment chargebacks by bidders, such as those due to damaged or misrepresented items, disputes must be settled between the auction house partner and bidder, while LiveAuctioneers will provide support and assistance.  

To be eligible for coverage, lots must be shipped to the address in the ‘Payment Received’ email sent by LiveAuctioneers. Rerouted shipments are not eligible for chargeback coverage. Please be sure to tell your shipping partners, especially UPS and FedEx, to require a signature upon delivery and to NOT allow changes of address.  

Chargeback coverage is only provided on unauthorized credit card usage (eg., stolen credit card). Chargebacks are not covered when, for example, when lots: 

  • do not arrive
  • are not as described or photographed, and/or
  • are damaged during shipping

For the greatest likelihood of winning a chargeback, please keep the following records for each lot:

  • Pick-up information: date, name, a signature of person or company who picked up the lot, condition report signed by shipping agent at the time of packing (for white glove and packing services)
  • Shipping details: carrier, tracking number, delivery date, and received signature confirmation
  • Terms of sale disclosing fees, tax/vat/customs responsibilities, and return policy.  

It is required to ship items with full-value insurance to account for damages incurred during transit.

Items should be shipped 72 hours after payment is received by LiveAuctioneers. LiveAuctioneers reviews every order and may refund the payment if a bidder is deemed as too risky. On the rare occasion that payment is refunded, the auctioneer is notified and can seek out other methods for collecting payment if they wish. 

Is Live.Payments required?

The use of the Live.Payments platform is optional but encouraged. It provides an easier experience for bidders who provide payment information once for multiple purchases across all auction houses, leading to significantly more repeat bidder purchases. 

Can auction house partners collect via other methods such as cash, check, or other means? 

To provide a seamless bidder checkout experience and ease of reporting, we encourage auction house partners to collect all payments via Live.Payments. They are however, free to collect cash, wire, checks, or other means. Payments are meant to be flexible. Chargeback coverage is only available for items paid for directly on with a credit card.

What information is needed to get started? 

  1. Complete the application form found on your Seller Portal.
  2. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed.
  3. If approved, you’ll be notified via email and Live.Payments can be enabled for your next auction.
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