Requirements and Best Practices for Calculated Shipping Quotes via LiveShipping

If you use LiveShipping, your U.S.-based bidders are able to generate and accept shipping quotes for items you offer, without ever having to leave your auction. 

After an item is won, bidders can pay for their item and shipping in one seamless transaction on LiveAuctioneers. Order fulfillment is provided by our network of partners, at no additional cost to you.

LiveShipping uses your location, the bidder’s location, and the item’s size and weight to generate shipping estimates directly on the auction item page. All items are fully insured.

In order to provide the best possible experience for your bidders, the following information is required for each lot. 

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth 
  • Dimension Unit
  • Weight (optional)
  • Weight Unit (optional)

A csv template for catalog upload can be accessed here

Are HxWxD measurements required on all lots?

For relatively flat items such as paintings, rugs or posters, height and width measurements will suffice.

How should I measure size and weight for a lot that contains multiple items?

For lots that contain multiple items, record the overall dimensions of the complete set, grouped together. Alternatively you can provide dimensions of the largest item within the lot.

How do I publish lot size and weight information?

Dimension and weight information can be bulk uploaded via csv file during auction setup. A csv template for catalog upload can be accessed here. For more info, read our article on How to Format Your Catalog Spreadsheet for Upload

When bulk upload via csv is not possible, dimensions must be included in item descriptions as Height x Width x Depth, followed by the unit of measurement (preferably inches). Example: Height 15 x Width 20 x Depth 4 in.

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