How to Run the LiveConsole for Clerks

First, log into your Auctioneer Dashboard by entering your Username and Password. 

Next, we will navigate to access the clerking console.
Once you login you should be on your home screen. If your screen does not look like the screenshot below please click on the Home tab on the left.

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, under “Upcoming Auctions,” you will see a red bar with your upcoming auctions.

  • Once you have clicked on the auction date, you will be on the Catalog Details screen.
  • On the left, you will see the LiveConsole tab.

  • Click on the LiveConsole tab, and then on the Clerk button.

****Please note the clerk console is only available 5-10 mins prior to the auction starting. You may need to refresh the page if you logged in before this time frame****

Once you have clicked on the CLERK button you should see the clerk console pop as the image below.

Now the console above should appear.

Now, let us go over the features of the seller console.

  1. Auction status
  2. Current lot number *can be used to move forward in the sale and back (assuming you have clicked the 'unsold' button on a lot)*
  3. Lot title
  4. Lot image
  5. Lot description
  6. Lot low estimate and high estimate
  7. Upcoming lot list
  8. Auction settings *where buttons were created previously*
  9. Bid history for the current lot 
  10. Total number of online LiveAuctioneer bidders *please note this pulls from our classic site ONLY* 
  11. Auction information displays bid activity and messages sent from the clerk.
  12. Message field to type in custom messages to bidders. Will also display Paddle number of winning bidders
  13. 3 custom message buttons.
  14. Current bid increment *can be manually adjusted during sale*
  15. Current ask price a. double click to manually change asking price. After typing an amount, press Enter on your keyboard to change the asking price or press the competing bid button to jump the bid.
  16. Action keys
  17. Bid buttons

Prior to starting the auction, you will see “Auction Settings”.  Here you will be able to customize 3 buttons with messages you want to send to your online bidders. 

You are able to customize 3 messages. It's important to note that you can use these messages throughout your auction to alert your bidders and whether bidding on this item will be closing soon.

Under the Name column, you will name the button and in the Message Text column you will type the message text 

Fair Warning = Fair Warning!!!
Last Call = Last Call!!!! 
Going Once = Going Once... Going Twice...

If at any time you need to send a different message outside of these buttons, this can be done after the auction has started. 

You may see an option for "Auto Accept Bids". “Auto Accept Bids” is for the system to automatically accept all internet bids from LiveAuctioneers platform.

***Please note this feature should be only used for online auctions only****

Click the start button to begin the auction.

If a pause or break will occur in the middle of the auction, please utilize the "Pause" button from your auction settings located in the "End Auction" tab.

Please be sure to notify bidders using the message field that a break will be taken and that staff will be taking a short pause. To resume, press 'OK' from the prompt that appears once a you conclude the break.

Here is a helpful video guide on how to clerk your auction:

Important Information
If you have an emergency during your live auction, you can call our emergency line for immediate assistance.

Within the USA:          888 600 2437, Dial (6): Emergency help during the live auction.
Outside USA:    +001 646 429 1992, Dial (6): Emergency help during the live auction.

For all other non-emergency inquiries please call 888-600-2437 dial (2) or email us at

For a practice clerking session, request one here.

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