Guidelines for processing payments for Firearms and Ammunitions

To ensure a seamless and successful auction, please review the below guidelines. 

  • During the auction setup process, you will need to ensure the checkbox is selected for any item(s) that are a firearm or ammunition produced after 1898 and deselected for any item(s) that are not firearms or ammunition. If you are uploading items via "Upload Single Item" you can select/deselect each items checkbox individually. If you are uploading via "Upload Items File" you can input a relevant column that will select/deselect the necessary item(s). For more information, please review How to Format Your Catalog Spreadsheet for Upload
    • If by chance you forgot to select/deselect the applicable item(s) and you have many to edit this can be done through Batch Editing. For more information, please review Batch Editing
  • For additional information and guidelines for using LivePayments, please review LivePayments Best Practices.
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