Guidelines for processing payments for Firearms and Ammunitions

To ensure a seamless and successful auction, please review the below guidelines. 

  • Do not attempt to upload a catalog with firearms or ammunition produced after 1898 present without being approved to do so. If you do this, a pop-up will appear alerting you that the catalog that is being uploaded as well as any future catalogs will be automatically removed from LivePayments if you proceed. Meaning that payment collection going forward will not be possible through the LivePayments platform. 
    • If this occurs, someone from LiveAuctioneers will reach out to alert you that LivePayments has been disabled and advise on what the potential next steps are.
  • During the auction setup process, you will need to ensure the appropriate firearm or ammunition checkboxes are selected at the catalog and lot level. 
    • First at the catalog level, the "firearms or ammunition produced after 1898" checkbox will need to be selected. For more information, please review How to Set Up an Auction
    • Next at the lot level, any item(s) that are a firearm or ammunition produced after 1898 should have the checkbox selected and any item(s) that are not firearms or ammunition should have the checkbox deselected. If you are uploading items via "Upload Single Item" you can select/deselect each items checkbox individually. If you are uploading via "Upload Items File" you can input a relevant column that will select/deselect the necessary item(s). For more information, please review How to Format Your Catalog Spreadsheet for Upload
      • If by chance you forgot to select/deselect the applicable item(s) and you have many to edit this can be done through Batch Editing. For more information, please review Batch Editing
  • For additional information and guidelines for using LivePayments, please review LivePayments Best Practices.
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