Review Post-Auction Statistics

Your Post-Auction Statistics can give you great insights into how your business is developing on LiveAuctioneers.

Using our Statistics page can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from, what time of day visitors are most active on your catalog, and which items are the most popular.

To view your statistics, sign in and go to Post Auction > select catalog title > Statistics.


This section features infographics detailing the number of hits received by your catalog. It includes the current, hourly, daily and total page views.

The Visitors and Page View bar is divided into the number of users viewing your sale (red) and the total number of times they have viewed your catalog (blue)


This section shows data about bidder sign-ups and what part of the world they come from.

If you are on the Traditional seller plan, you will also see a section on your Top 20 most viewed items in your catalog. You can click the blue circles to find out how many page views and how many visitors that particular item received.

Traffic Sources

This section explains where and how people found your auction. These will mostly be from websites (including LiveAuctioneers) and search engines.

These are divided into the external sites that sent people to your auction and sources from within LiveAuctioneers that sent people to your catalog.

To learn more about driving online traffic to your sales, read our guide to Optimizing your Auction for Search.

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