Ways to Approve Bidder Registrations

Individual approval
Under the Pending section, select a bidder’s name to review their profile. If you are happy with their history, hit Approve

To prevent a bidder from bidding successfully, click the Decline button

You can re-approve bidders at any point by clicking on the user in the declined section and clicking the approve button.

Bidders with a credit card on file will have a green card symbol next to their name:

This denotes that we have a verified card on file for this bidder.

If you would like to authenticate bidders through credit card verification (who do not already have a card on file), please provide bidders a link to https://www.liveauctioneers.com/dashboard/cardonfile and they will be guided to verify a credit card for free using Stripe, a leading e-commerce payments service that uses hundreds of signals to determine the validity of a buyer.

Once the bidder’s card is verified, their registration request will have the green credit card indicator on their profile.

Use the Email button to send each bidder an email with the Credit Card Validator link. Learn more about communicating with bidders.

Whichever action you take, the bidder will receive a message notifying them of your decision.

Quick Approval
In the Pending list, next to each bidder’s name, we have included;

  • Verified Credit Card -- see whether a bidder has a valid credit card
  • Number of items won -- see a bidder’s real experience
  • Average hammer price -- see a bidder’s historical spending amounts
  • Total Paid -- see a bidder’s summary of total paid invoices
  • Payment Rate -- see a bidder’s historical % of completed payments
  • Open Disputes -- see most recent active non-payment dispute

An Approve button also accompanies each bidder’s name, which means you can quickly register bidders based on the summary we provide. 


The Global Approval feature is found at the top of the Bidder Management page: 

The Global Approval feature allows you to automatically approve bidders based on selected criteria. This might involve automatically approving previously approved bidders, bidders with more than a certain number of wins, or bidders who have validated a credit card. 

The rules can be set to criteria where All rules must apply or Any rule must apply.

Bidders with recent open disputes will never get approved automatically. 

Rules are enforced on any new bidder registrations i.e not retroactive

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