How do I upload my catalog spreadsheet?

Once you have completed your auction set-up, you are now ready to upload your auction catalog!

1. To upload your catalog spreadsheet, find the auction you are currently working on by clicking the 'Pre-Auction' button located at the top left of your seller's dashboard and selecting the appropriate auction date.

2. Click on the items tab, then select 'Choose File' in the right side of the gray Upload Items box.

3. Next, you'll have to choose the Excel file you wish to upload from your computer. Once selected click the Upload button.

4. Once uploaded, you will get a preview screen of the items that you are preparing to upload. If you get an error message in red, scroll down to see your error highlighted in red.  You can then fix that error in your spreadsheet and re-upload.

If you've enrolled in payment processing for firearms and ammunition under our LivePayments program, please review Guidelines for processing payments for Firearms and Ammunition for additional set-up steps. 

5. Once you see the preview items with no errors, click the blue  'Save Items' arrow.

6. Once you have saved your items, it's time to process your images!

Notes: The universal cut off time for edits to the Auction details is 2 hours prior to the commencement of the sale. This excludes the Buyers Premium and Terms & Conditions as these cannot be edited once the sale is live online.

Remember: you can save your Auction Set-up at any point and publish it at a later date. Go to the Pre Auction tab for the list of your pending catalogs.

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