AXIS IP Camera Audio/Video Setup FAQs(Inactive)

NOTE: As we have released our faster & easier method of streaming here. The support for this streaming method currently has limited to No support . He highly encourage you to use our updated method that utilizes web cameras or mobile devices to stream.

Q. What is the preferred camera I should use to broadcast my auction?

  • The AXIS M10 series is the preferred and tested device. You can find all 3 models here: AXIS M10 Series
  • If you are using a USB/plug & play camera visit our new video streaming process here

Q. Can I use my own camera?

  • Yes, visit our webcam help page to learn how to any web camera instead of your Axis IP camera.

  • The quality of the bidder viewing experience and audio video customer support we can provide is more favorable using cameras other than an IP camera. We suggest you give it a try!

Q. Can I start my live stream at any time?

  • Yes, however, please keep in mind that LiveAuctioneers support for Audio/video can be scheduled Monday - Friday 9-5pm ET.

  • We advise that clients using an AXIS IP camera schedule a test at least 24 hours in advance during the hours listed above

  • Support assistance, aside from scheduling a test for a future date, is not offered after 5pm ET

Q. Will the video slow down my internet connection?

  • On a high-speed internet connection there should be little to any noticeable change in speed.  There is only 1 connection to your camera, not 1 from each bidder.

Q. Can I only have an audio ONLY broadcast?

  • At this time, audio and video are both required.

Q. Is the video delay more than 3 seconds?

  • The average delay speed of the streaming video feed is 1-3 seconds.

  • Different web browsers render video in many different ways, try an alternate browser to see if the delay is not browser specific

  • See Part 1: Step 1    

Q. Does the camera record the video feed?

  • The camera does not record by default but does have the ability built in.  See AXIS device website for more details

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