Batch Editing/Batch Deleting Lots

While you are always able to edit items individually up to 2 hours before the scheduled start time of the auction, there may be times when multiple lots need changes at once. The LiveAuctioneers Support Team is able to assist with a Batch Update of your catalog.

To have the Support Team batch update your lots, you will need to email with your request. There are a couple different forms a batch update can take and some guidelines to follow:

Batch Edit Existing Lots

-Email with a spreadsheet containing your updated lot information.

-If you are adding additional lots to your catalog in addition to editing existing lots, the new lot information should all be on a separate spreadsheet so we have 1 file of edits and 1 file of additions.

Batch Deleting Lots

-Email with a spreadsheet of all lots to be removed


-Email us a range of lots to be removed. Be specific in your email so we do not delete lots by mistake.

Batch updates, like all catalog assistance requests, are processed during business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Eastern Time). The Support Team provides 1 batch update/deletion of lots per catalog free of charge, or 2 batch updates/deletions if you originally uploaded the lots yourself. As the process of adding/deleting/editing lots does take time for our support team to accomplish, additional batch updates or deletions to a catalog will additional fees.  

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