What happens when a bidder becomes suspended on LiveAuctioneers & Auction Mobility during a Timed+ auction?

On LiveAuctioneers, a bidder is suspended after receiving two or more disputes from two different auctions. A bidder may also be suspended by internal staff due to fraudulent activity. When a bidder is suspended their auction registration status is changed to suspended and reflected globally. Once suspended, their bids are automatically removed. If the bidder restores their account and it is in good standing, they will have to leave their bids again. Please note, bids are not automatically restored. In order to get reapproved a bidder has to: resolve all active disputes and contact support. Support will have their account reviewed and verified for possible reinstatement if the account was suspended due to fraudulent behavior.

On Auction Mobility, an auctioneer determines what triggers a bidder suspension and how a bidder would get reapproved/unsuspended. Please note when an auctioneer blacklists a user preventing future auction registrations, any bids already placed on timed lots at the time of the blacklist are still honored. 

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