Why are my bidders seeing an error message on LiveAuctioneers during my Timed+ auction?

During a Timed+ auction a bidder will see an error message when the auctioneer hasn't published on both LiveAuctioneers and Auction Mobility. In the event an auctioneer forgets to publish on LiveAuctioneers, a LiveAuctioneers bidder will see an error message when they place a bid on a lot that has already received bids from an Auction Mobility bidder. The error message is triggered because the bids from both platforms haven't synced yet so the LiveAuctioneers bidder is unknowingly placing a bid below the current asking price. Once the Timed+ sale has been published on LiveAuctioneers, the bids will sync and the page will automatically refresh. Once refreshed, bidders will see bids synced and the correct asking price.

Error Message shown to bidders below:

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