Shipping Saint: Post-Auction Guidelines

Prior to your first sale, you will set up your Shipping Saint account with the LiveAuctioneers Shipping Team and ensure that it properly reflects your preferred shipping settings and practices including:

  • Shipping Calculation Preferences (hourly, flat, or customized)
  • Box and Packing Material Types and Inventory
  • Signature Requirement Preferences for deliveries
  • Shipping Saint Account Roles for your team (User or Admin)

Once bidders have paid for their item(s) and selected to have said items shipped with LiveAuctioneers you may log into Shipping Saint and proceed through the following packing and shipping steps:

  • Ready to Ship
  • Ready to Pack
  • Processing
  • Payment Received
  • Shipped

During the Pack stage, you will select things like the fragility, box type, and any type of space filler such as bubble wrap. These items will be moved into the Wrapped and Boxed Items sections and then will finally be combined in the Shipping Package section.

Based on that information that final quote will be generated for you to select and then proceed with printing the label. We recommend that you proceed with the pre-selected quote as that will be the quote that the bidders have seen.

From the Payment Received stage, you can easily print each label or select multiple labels to print at once.

Finally in the Shipped stage, you can get Tracking Updates which will also be available through LiveAuctioneers.  

If at any point you need support please feel free to reach out to either the Shipping Team at LiveAuctioneers at or the Shipping Saint Support Team at

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