Autopay on Live.Payments

    Automatically charge the card on file for all winning bidders

    Autopay is an opt-in feature within the Live.Payments solution where winning bidders credit card on file will be charged 72 hours after they receive the invoice you send via LiveAuctioneers.  If you have an alternative payment method in mind for a particular invoice, you're in control and can remove the invoice from Autopay. 

    You can only use Autopay if you have Live.Payments activated for your account. Gain access to the Autopay feature by enrolling in Live.Payments, a payment processing solution.

    How does Autopay work?

    • If a bidder without a card on file registers for an auction that has Autopay enabled, they will be prompted to add a card on file
    • When you send the invoice to the winning bidder, we wait 48 hours, then send a reminder email to the bidder that they will be charged with Autopay in 24  hours. 
    • 72 hours after you send the invoice, winning bidders with a card on file who have not already paid, and who you have not removed from Autopay, will be charged
    • Your Invoices will update as "Paid" for any invoices paid manually through checkout (using the “Pay Now” button) or through Autopay
    • If a bidder does not have a card on file, he/she will receive an email message requesting they add their card on file. 
    • If a bidder has a card on file, but it’s declined, they will receive an email message that the card has been  declined and to update the card. 
    • When a payment is not completed with Autopay, we will continue to try to automatically charge their card once every 24 hours. If there is still a balance on the invoice after 48 hours, we send an email to the bidder alerting them that their invoice remains unpaid and that they are at risk of a dispute.
    • At this point, it is up to you to add a dispute to this invoice. We will not automatically add a dispute. 
    • If you need to add any additional amounts to the invoice after the original amount is paid, the bidder will need to manually pay using the “Pay Now” button

    I already use Live.Payments regularly, do I need to take any action now that I'm using Autopay?

    • Yes. You must add a phrase to your Terms & Conditions that reads: "For payment, if you have a card on file with LiveAuctioneers, it will be automatically charged 72 hours after you receive your invoice." LiveAuctioneers will also automatically add the following phrase to your payment and shipping terms as well: “ If you have not contacted “Your house name” to arrange payment within 3 days of the time that invoice is sent, we will charge the credit card you used to register for the auction for the amount of your invoice.“
    • Additionally, the copy bidders function is available when Autopay is enabled. Bidders on your Regular Bidder List and those that meet your criteria for Global Approval will also be auto-approved for your auctions. Ensure your Regular Bidder List and Global Approval rules are up to date so that bidders get instantly approved for your auctions.

    How can I remove an invoice from Autopay?

    • By default, all of your invoices will be opted into Autopay, as shown by the checkmarks to the right of each invoice
    • In order to opt an invoice out of Autopay, press the checkmark to uncheck it. You can opt an invoice out of Autopay at any point (before or after you send the invoice). Once an invoice has been opted out of Autopay, it cannot be opted back in.
    • If you hover over the checkmark, you will see this message:

    What if the winning bidder does not have a card on file?

    • Bidders will not be able to register for an auction that has Autopay enabled without a card on file

    Will my invoices be marked as paid if they are paid with Autopay?

    • Yes, the invoices will be marked as paid as soon as the payment is completed using Autopay

    Do I need to opt in to use Autopay?

    • Yes, at this time you'll need to opt-in. Please contact your account manager to enroll. 
    • If you do not have Live.Payments enabled for your account, you must have Live.Payments to have access to the Autopay feature.

    How can a bidder add a card on file?

    • During registration to your auction
    • At any time from their Account Settings page on LiveAuctioneers
    • After manually checking out with Live.Payments, their card will be saved on file and used for future payments and Autopay
    • We remind winners to add a card on file by sending email reminders to do so after winning in your auction

    How will the bidder know that their card on file will be charged after I send the invoice?

    • We show them a message when they register for your auction 

    • Bidders also receive an Autopay reminder in an email when they are approved, win an item, and get an invoice. If you opt an invoice out of Autopay after sending it, the bidder will also receive an email letting them know they’ve been opted out.

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