How to Create An Announcement

Use Announcements to share important updates with your bidders through your item listings on the LiveAuctioneers website and mobile app. When creating an announcement, you have the option to email your registered bidders, as well.

Creating An Announcement

To create an Announcement, click on the Marketing tab from your Seller Dashboard.

On the Marketing page, you can create new announcements and remove active announcements in the Announcements section.

  1. Click Create Announcement 
  2. Select an upcoming sale to send attach your Announcement to - you can also choose the option to send an email to the registered bidders for that sale (see below)
  3. Give your Announcement a title up to 40 characters. The title will appear on your item listings and at the top of the announcement email that your bidders receive.
  4. Write the body of your announcement, up to 2,000 characters. The message will appear when clicking Read Announcement on your item listings and in the body of the announcement email that your bidders receive.
  5. If you would like to send your announcement as an email to bidders registered for your selected auction, check "Send an email to my registered bidders". Registered bidders will receive your announcement as a message through the LiveAuctioneers messaging system and have the option to reply.

Use of this feature to unnecessarily email bidders or otherwise spam accounts will result in the removal of this feature from your account or potentially further restriction of your account privileges.



Editing Announcements

At the moment, you may only remove announcements by clicking Remove next to an announcement on the Marketing page.

If you would like to update an existing announcement on your item listings without sending your registered bidders another email, you can remove your existing announcement and create a new one, leaving " Send an email to my registered bidders" unchecked.

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