Auctioneers with multiple storage/shipping locations

If you have multiple locations where lots are stored and shipped from then you will want to go to the Billing & Account tab of your dashboard and select Locations to add all of the respective locations to your profile. There is no limit to the number of locations that you can add, all that we ask is that you give each one its own unique nickname as that will be what you reference for each lot during catalog upload.

To add a location, simple click the Add Location + button and enter in the requested information. 

During catalog upload, you will add a column to the CSV file labeled Location Nickname which will be where you enter the given nickname of each location where the item is stored at and will be either shipped from or pick up at. For more information about formatting the catalog spreadsheet, click here

This will allow for more visibility to the bidders to see where each item is located at therefore allowing for a smoother shipping or pick up experience as well as more accurate shipping quotes if you use LiveShipping

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