LiveShipping: Easy Shipping and Fulfillment

What is LiveShipping?

LiveShipping makes buying and selling easier and more transparent with real-time shipping quotes, integrated shipping, fulfillment, and tracking.

One of the leading reasons bidders abandon auctions is the daunting task of arranging their own shipping. LiveShipping provides auction house partners and bidders with a seamless shipping experience, one where bidders can revel in the excitement of winning an item and having it delivered to their door in one simple process.

We have multiple solutions with vetted shipping partners to meet all your shipping needs. Once an invoice has been paid, the shipping and fulfillment process begins.

If you do not have any existing shipping practices or wish to offload your existing order fulfillment, then we recommend utilizing our solution with The Packengers or NLS. They specialize in the handling of arts and antiques and will work behind the scenes to provide a hassle-free experience for you and your bidders. 

If you already have existing shipping processes, then we recommend utilizing our solution with Shipping Saint. Easily integrate your existing shipping practices to provide anenhanced and elevated packing and shipping experience for you and your bidders.

LiveShipping provides: a shipping calculator with transparent quotes, end-to-end order fulfillment, dedicated customer support, real-time tracking notifications, and full insurance on all items. 

In addition to all of these great features, you also have the opportunity to earn a $2 credit for every shipment that is sent through LiveShipping via our Shipping Credit Program. (certain exclusions apply)

In order to use LiveShipping you must be using LivePayments. Click here for more information.

Who can use LiveShipping?

Auction houses based in the U.S. who are enrolled in and utilizing LivePayments and located in our currently serviced areas. To learn more about LiveShipping, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Bidders who select LiveShipping and are shipping to any of the 30+ countries we ship to. Click here to see a complete list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What shipping vendors does LiveAuctioneers work with? 

LiveAuctioneers currently works with The Packengers for shipments within major metropolitan areas (New York City and Los Angeles) and NLS (Annex Brands) for nationwide shipments. As we continue expand our shipping solution we will add other vendors that bring additional value to LiveShipping.

How are LiveShipping quotes generated? 

The estimated/final quote is calculated based on:

  • Pickup address (typically the location of the auction house)
    • If you store your items at multiple locations, then it will be based on the respective items location noted during catalog setup
  • Buyer’s default address zip code (or provided one)
  • Lot(s) dimensions (Height, Width, & Depth) and weight
  • Shipping insurance, which is based on:
    • Pre-auction shipping estimated quote: based on current bid value
    • Post-auction shipping quote for invoice and checkout: lot (order) Hammer price and Buyer’s Premium
  • Current carrier rates

Based on the above information, quotes will generate on the lot page under the Shipping and Pickup Options section.

In the rare event a shipping quote is disproportionately high in relation to the current bid value, the quote will be hidden on the lot page and bidders will be encouraged to inquire for a custom quote which will be sent to the via email. 

While quotes are being reviewed and finalized, bidders will see "Estimated rate will be available soon" under the Ship with LiveAuctioneers option. If this occurs, please instruct them to revisit the lot page in the coming days to view their shipping quote. 

What’s covered by the LiveShipping fee? 

We pride ourselves in providing shipping services for auction house partners who specialize in arts and antiques. Our rates are competitive because we fully insure all items whereas shipping carriers only insure items up to $1,000. Depending on the shipping partner, we also provide pickup, delivery and expert packaging, with no middleman and have dedicated support here, at LiveAuctioneers.

Which items cannot be shipped via LiveShipping? 

Items that we currently cannot ship include but are not limited to alcohol, certain animal materials (example: ivory), firearms (all including antique), and certain hazmat materials/liquids. If you have any questions  about what kind of merchandise can be shipped through LiveShipping, reach out to us at

What is the LiveShipping pickup process? 

If your shipping partner is The Packengers or NLS, they will reach out to you after the sale to schedule a pickup date. The pickup date is usually 5 days post-sale. During pickup, our shipping partner will arrive with a manifest of all items they are scheduled to retrieve. Once the items leave your facility, we absorb all liability.

If your shipping partner is Shipping Saint, you will arrange the pickup or drop off your items once packed. To see the full post-auction guidelines for Shipping Saint click here

What does the LiveShipping delivery process look like? 

After an item is won, bidders can pay for their item and shipping in one seamless transaction on LiveAuctioneers.

  • If an invoice is paid via Autopay, the bidder will have 10 days from when the invoice was first sent to add and purchase LiveShipping services.

Bidders are notified once an item has shipped, and can view shipment statuses directly from their LiveAuctioneers account or via email. If the bidder won multiple items from the same auction house and they are shipping from different locations, the bidder will be able to see what item(s) are coming from which location(s) on the Won Items page and will be sent tracking emails noting the multiply shipments and locations. 

Our dedicated support team handles all shipping inquiries on your behalf. If you receive an inquiry from a buyer, please direct them to

You’ll see the shipping information on the EOA and Invoice tab, and in exported catalog reports. Starting from when the LiveShipping Status is "Offered" to the point at which it is "Delivered". 

How is LiveShipping reflected on invoices? 

Invoices will include the LiveShipping quotes in the Shipping Options section based on the bidders' shipping location. LiveShipping quotes only appear for houses who have opted-in to our shipping program.

In instances where the order cannot be fulfilled via LiveShipping, the invoice will default to self-arranged shipping and that will be reflected under Invoice Details.

How does LiveShipping work when a bidder wins more than 1 item? 

For bidders who have won multiple items, our API will quote each item in their invoice providing them with real-time shipping quotes based on the dimensions of their items. Depending on the dimensions of their won items they may be shipped in the same package or in separate packages.

Do you offer international shipping? 

LiveShipping now supports shipments to Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, further simplifying the auction experience for you and your bidders. To see a list of all of the countries we now ship to, please click here

How can I get in touch with my LiveShipping partner?

Our Shipping Team will provide you with the contact information for your Shipping Partner and your corresponding shipping hub that will be fielding your orders. If you are unable to reach them, please contact the LiveAuctioneers Shipping Operations Team at

If you would like to learn more about this program, you can directly reach out to your Account Manager or email us at

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