Updated Invoices on LiveAuctioneers

We’re introducing enhanced functionality and a new layout to Invoices on LiveAuctioneers:

Bidder Invoice Emails have been updated with a cleaner, easy-to-read design. Important payment messages are now prominently displayed on the invoice for better visibility and a smoother post-auction experience for you and your buyers. The next time you send invoices, your buyers will receive the updated template.

Invoice Pages have been enhanced for sellers with the following updates:

  • Addition of a “Paid” checkbox for faster processing. When an offline payment has been received in full, mark it as paid with just one click. 
  • Addition of a bidder’s “Tax Exemption Status” for easy reference.
  • Addition of a “Send Invoice” button that lets you adjust and send individual invoices on the fly, without having to use the “Send Mailbag” function. Invoices can be batch sent as usual by Creating Invoices > Send Mailbag, as outlined in our support article.
  • Addition of the Invoice Payment History which shows payment attempts, refunds and more. 
  • Addition of a "Print Invoice" button. 
  • Removal of Billing Address.

Should you have any thoughts or suggestions, you can always contact us at support@liveauctioneers.com.

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