Custom Card Limits

What are Custom Card Limits?

The Custom Card Limits feature available through LivePayments gives auction houses more flexibility in managing payments. You can set a threshold for credit/debit card payments and if an invoice exceeds that limit then the bidder will have to pay via e-check (ACH)

How does Custom Card Limits Work?

During the auction setup process, you set the total invoice amount that you are comfortable with accepting a credit/debit card payment for. For example, if your custom card limit is $7,000, invoices exceeding this amount cannot be paid for via credit/debit card, the bidder will have to submit their payment via e-check (ACH). If the invoice does not exceed the set limit then the bidder will be able to pay via credit/debit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn this feature on for my catalog(s)?

You may set your preferred card limits within the Payment Options tab of the auction set up process by selecting the pre-populated limit of $5,000, or by inputting your own custom limit in the open text box.

How does this feature work with Autopay?

We are happy to announce that Custom Card Limits and Autopay can both be turned on for a catalog. If an invoice does not exceed the set limit then Autopay can and will trigger as set during the auction setup process. However, if an invoice does exceed the set limit then Autopay will be disabled for that invoice and the bidder will need to complete payment via e-check (ACH) upon receiving their invoice. 

(Stay tuned for eCheck/ACH Autopay functionality, coming soon.)

Does this feature work with ZIP?

Yes, bidders will be able to utilize Buy Now, Pay Later with ZIP

How do I make edits to the Custom Card Feature on a catalog?

If the sale has not been published you can visit the Payment Options tab under Auction Details to make changes. If a change is needed after a sale has been published, please reach out to support at

How does this appear to bidders?

If a bidder has to complete payment due to their invoice exceeding the limit they will go through the standard checkout process. The only difference is their option to pay with a credit/debit card will not be available for this invoice. A message will appear in the Payment section beneath the Shipping Address and Shipping Method explaining why that is.

What is included in the custom limit (Hammer, Buyers Premium, Taxes etc.)?

The hammer price, buyer's premium, sales tax, shipping, and online payment fees are all included as a part of determining if an invoice exceeds the limit. 

Is there anything else that I need to be mindful of when using this feature?

Ensure your Invoice Messaging makes mention of this if you are utilizing both the Custom Card Limit feature and Autopay so bidders know why they are being asked to submit payment and why it has to be via e-check (ACH)

How do I enroll?

To start using this feature, just reach out to your account manager at and they will have this turned on for your auction house. 

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