FAQ: Invoice and Autopay Changes

LiveAuctioneers is announcing current and upcoming changes that will further improve the buyer experience while helping you attract more bidders and get paid faster with less risk and cost

How will LivePayments invoices be changing?

A secure and consistent checkout process is essential to an optimal buying and selling experience on LiveAuctioneers. When invoices are generated and sent through LiveAuctioneers, buyers are given the freedom to choose how they want to pay, while auction partners benefit from timesaving and risk-reducing features like sales tax compliance, comprehensive fraud protection, and integrated tax-exempt certificate validation.

Invoices will be automatically generated and sent 72 hours following auction close. Auction house partners will still be able to generate and send invoices within this timeframe through the auctioneer portal; however, any invoices not issued through the system within 72 hours of auction close will be generated and sent automatically.

How will Autopay be changing?

In addition to receiving invoices more quickly, winning bidders will be able to automatically pay for their purchases shortly after being invoiced, using their preferred payment methods. All bidders will have the option to pay manually through checkout, or they can let Autopay charge their payment method on file either 24 or 72 hours hours after invoice receipt. 

You will still have the ability to deselect Autopay for specific invoices as needed. Allowing more bidders to make automatic payments not only simplifies the purchase experience, but also limits the amount of risk and overhead for auction house partners. Learn why 70% of auction houses are already using Autopay.

Why are these changes happening?

These changes provide buyers with a consistent and secure way to complete their purchases, with the freedom to choose from multiple payment options. As buyers increasingly demand a seamless and flexible purchase process, these changes allow auction partners to give bidders the control they want and deliver a positive experience that encourages repeat purchases. Simultaneously, auction house partners will be able to capture payments through a faster and safer process while minimizing overhead.

Do these changes apply to all auction houses?

These changes will apply to United States based auction houses.

When will these changes take place?

Both automated Invoicing and payment capture via Autopay have begun rolling out as of August 2023. We are introducing these changes in phases in order to allow auction houses ample time to make any necessary adjustments to their operating procedures.

What steps do I need to take?

Please be on the lookout for communication regarding these changes, it will include any necessary actions that you may need to take and when as these take effect. 

For the changes to Autopay, we simply ask that you please include updated terms and conditions for catalogs published on or after the go-live date mentioned in the communication you receive. This will help you to avoid any potential disruptions. 

For the changes to the Invoices, no action is needed. We just ask that you still strive to get all invoices composed and sent prior to the auto-generation process so bidders can receive them and take action in a timely manner. Feel free to also visit our knowledge base articles for more information on Invoicing:

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