Pre-Auction Guidelines and Best Practices

Reduce shipping inquiries by following these best practices when setting up your auctions.

 Ensure that you are onboarded and that LiveShipping is turned on for your auctions.

  • Contact your Account Manager or Support at to enable LiveShipping
  • Make sure you’re enrolled in LivePayments (required to accept shipping payments)
  • Once enrolled in the program, your auctions will be enabled for LiveShipping by default. To disable LiveShipping for your auction, simply visit your Auction Details during catalog setup and uncheck the box next to the option beginning with “My auction offers LiveShipping…”:

Include the necessary lot information during catalog setup so that LiveShipping can generate quotes properly.

  • Add size and weight (if a larger item) information to your items.When item dimensions are uploaded through their respective dimension fields (via csv), shipping quotes will be available immediately on your lot pages once published. If item dimensions are included in lot descriptions, you’ll be contacted by the LiveShipping team within 1-2 business days to confirm the parsing process.
  • A csv template for catalog upload can be accessed here, please note, columns can be in any order, however column titles should align with what is displayed in the template in order to successfully upload the CSV file.
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth 
    • Dimension Unit
    • Weight (optional)
    • Weight Unit (optional)
  • For relatively flat items such as paintings, rugs or posters, height and width measurements will suffice. 
  • For lots that contain multiple items, record the overall dimensions of the complete set, grouped together. Alternatively you can provide dimensions of the largest item within the lot.
  • When bulk upload via csv is not possible, dimensions must be included in item descriptions as Height x Width x Depth, followed by the unit of measurement (preferably inches). Example: Height 15 x Width 20 x Depth 4 in.
  • Should you have issues uploading your CSV file, please reach out to our LiveAuctioneers Shipping Operations Team at

Have clear easy-to-read shipping terms and messaging to ensure bidders are satisfied with the check-out experience.

LiveAuctioneers has partnered with vetted providers to offer convenient shipping within the United State, all U.S. Territories, Canada, and select European countries for purchases in this auction. The estimated shipping cost is based on the zip code you provided, the estimated size and weight of the item, and the designated shipping vendor. The cost includes item pickup, packing, shipping, delivery and insurance. Your actual shipping cost is subject to change based on the final price and insurance value of your item.

If you do not see an estimated shipping cost in your invoice or on the item page, and would like to request a free quote, please contact us

A single shipping fee for all lots won in this auction will be included on your invoice for applicable orders. This fee can be accepted upon checkout, or alternatively, you can opt for Self-Arranged Shipping or Pickup. If you choose to ship via LiveAuctioneers’ shipping partner, you will receive tracking notifications as your package moves through our network.

  • We also encourage you to review and update your invoice message during the auction setup process, while your catalog is online, and post-auction. Your Invoice Message can be found in your auctioneer dashboard under your auction > Auction Details > Policies. This ensures all messaging regarding shipping is aligned and consistent. 

LiveAuctioneers and their shipping partners are working with us to offer convenient shipping within the United States, all US Territories, Canada, and select European countries for purchases in this auction. Their LiveShipping fee includes item pickup, packing, shipping, delivery and insurance, based on the shipping address provided. However, if you would like to opt for a different shipping method, you can simply update your shipping method before paying your invoice.

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